KARL FERDINAND BRAUN AWARD- 1987 - Present winners

The Karl Ferdinand Braun award is awarded for outstanding technical achievement, which has also had substantial impact on the display industry. The Braun award is SID’s most prestigious individual award, honoring those people who have pioneered the technologies underpinning commercial displays.

JAN RAJCHMAN PRIZE -  1993 - Present winners

The Jan Rajchman Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific or technical contributions to electronic display technology. This award is open to academic achievement, in addition to notable technology developments that are recognized as groundbreaking in their field.


The David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Award is conferred for major impact on the business of the electronic display industry. The Sarnoff Award is not targeting technical achievement, but honors those people whose achievements have shaped the current electronic display industry.

PETER BRODY PRIZE - 2017 - Present winners

The Peter Brody Prize is awarded to young researchers and engineers (under age 40) who have made major technical or scientific contributions to the science or technology of electronic displays.

OTTO SCHADE PRIZE - 2006 - Present winners

The Otto Schade Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific or technical achievement in the image quality of electronic displays. This award recognizes vision scientists, human factor engineers, and those engineers whose efforts have led to major improvements in the visual quality of electronic displays.

SLOTTOW–OWAKI PRIZE - 2007 - Present winners

The Slottow-Owaki Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to the education and training of students, and/or professionals, in the field of electronic displays.

LEWIS AND BEATRICE WINNER AWARD - 1983 - Present winners

The Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award is conferred for exceptional and sustained service to SID.

SID FELLOW - 1963 - Present winners

The membership grade of Fellow is awarded to a SID member who has made outstanding and widely recognized engineering or scientific contributions to the display field. The number of SID Fellow awards each year is limited by policy set by the SID Board of Directors.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS - 1972 - Present winners

Special Recognition Awards are conferred to members of the display engineering and scientific communities, for distinguished and valued contributions to the field. These contributions may be outstanding technical accomplishments, notable contributions to the literature, extraordinary entrepreneurial achievements, excellence in education, or uncommon service to SID. Unlike other SID individual awards, SID membership is not a prerequisite for a Special Recognition Award.

PRESIDENTIAL CITATIONS - 2007 - Present winners

Presidential citations are awarded at each year's Display Week Symposium by SID's President, in recognition of volunteer service contributions to SID over the preceding year.

SENIOR MEMBER GRADE - 1963 - Present winners

Senior Members are those individuals who are recognized to have made significant technical contributions to the advancement of displays and who have demonstrated active participation in the display community and in SID. 

To become a senior member, candidates must meet criteria defined on the application form. Candidates should submit an application form to SID HQ completely documenting how they meet the criteria and have a reference.
Senior Member Application Form
Senior Member Reference Form


The Frances Rice Darne Memorial Award, discontinued in 1987 when it was replaced by the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize, was awarded periodically to a Society member for an outstanding technical achievement (other than teaching, publication or service) or contribution to the display field. The award was made by the SID Board of Directors. For additional information see Francis Rice Darne Bio.

JOHANN GUTENBERG PRIZE - 1987 - 2007 winners

The Johann Gutenberg Prize was established by SID to honor outstanding technical achievements in, or contributions to, printer technology. The award was made by the Board of Directors acting on the recommendation of the Honors and Awards Committee and carried a stipend of US $2000. Following a transition period that ended in 2007 the Johann Gutenberg Prize has been transferred to the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, which now administers and confers the award.



SID Honors and Awards recognizes those people with significant impact on the display industry. The SID Honors and Awards committee relies on the SID membership to provide nominations for these awards. The nomination process is straightforward: instructions for the nomination process are provided below.

Awards requiring nominations are the following:

  • Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize
  • Jan Rajchman Prize
  • David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize
  • Peter Brody Prize
  • Otto Schade Prize
  • Slottow–Owaki Prize
  • Lewis & Beatrice Winner Award
  • Fellow
  • Special Recognition Award

Revised nomination procedures for 2021

To prepare a nomination, please review the qualification criteria, listed along with the description for each of the major awards elsewhere on this page. Additionally:

  • SID membership is required for all award nominees, except for Special Recognition Awards.
  • There are additional membership criteria for consideration for SID Fellowship. To be considered for SID Fellowship, the nominee must have been a member in good standing for not less than 5 years, including at least 3 years of continuous membership immediately prior to election.
  • The Peter Brody award is limited to SID members who are under the age of 40. Nominees must be 39 or younger on January 1 of the award year.

The nomination package can be submitted online, or by email. The nominator is requested to submit all of the nomination package materials, including endorsement letters, as a complete package. The nomination package must contain the following:

  • The name and contact information for the nominee, and a listing of the intended award.
  • A current cv from the nominee. The cv should contain educational and professional work backgrounds, a summary of awards, a list of publications and patents, SID membership status, and any other relevant information for the award committee to consider. For the Peter Brody award, the nominee’s date of birth must be provided.
  • A letter from the nominator, highlighting important accomplishments of the nominee, and making clear with convincing arguments why the award should be made. The nomination letter should aim to be 500 words or less, and contain contact information of the nominator.
  • Five letters of endorsement from SID members. The letters can be simple endorsements, or they can provide additional written support for the nomination (500 words or less). Endorser contact information is also required.

Deadlines for submission are midnight, October 15.
Questions about the nomination process and criteria can be sent to

Submit Nomination Online or Download awards nomination form template.

Sumbit Online Nomination or Email the complete nomination
including all the above material by October 15, 2020
to or by regular mail to
  Honors and Awards Chair, Society for Information Display,
1475 S. Bascom Ave, Ste. 114, Campbell, CA 95008 USA

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